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When to Contact Your Brand Manager

Your Diamond Brand Manager is your primary source of information and your most crucial contact at Diamond. The more you keep in touch with your Brand Manager, the better your relationship with Diamond will be, and the more Diamond will can help grow your business to the benefit of all involved.

Of course, you should always stay in regular contact with your Brand Manager, but be especially certain to get in touch under the following circumstances:

  • Product/Price/Content changes: If there are content changes, pricing changes (increases or decreases), expected ship date changes, or anything else of that nature, your Brand Manager needs to know so that Diamond can let its retail customers know the updated information in a timely manner.
  • Stock updates: Is a new release sold out? Do you still have stock on a product that you think people might not be aware of? Are you going back to press on a product in the near future? To exploit your stock to its fullest, keep Diamond aware of your plans and levels.
  • Allocations and Cancellations: If you are forced to allocate us on an item, please contact your Brand Manager or Order Processing Representative before shipping the product to us. Also, if you are forced to cancel an item, your Brand Manager or OP Representative need to know as soon as possible so that we can adjust our system and let our customers know the status of your product.
  • Changes to your company: Contact information, such as addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses or contact person. If you give this information to your Brand Manager, he or she can disseminate it companywide.
  • Licensing changes: Have you signed up any new licenses? Has your company licensed out its properties? Options from Hollywood, video game makers? Even if there are no hard release dates, this information helps us make the most of our business with you and is another way we can promote your company to our customers when you're ready to release the information.
  • High profile projects: Do you have something major in the pipeline? The further ahead your Brand Manager knows about it, the better marketing plans Diamond can help you put together. We deal with confidential material every day, and if it is something that cannot be talked about publicly, we have an excellent record of keeping this type of information to ourselves.



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