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Retailer Services & Sales Management

To exploit the sales potential of your products to its fullest, Diamond maintains staffs devoted to Customer Service, Sales, and the Book Market (through its affiliated company, Diamond Book Distributors). The three units work closely together to stimulate interest in your product and then follow-up the initial sale with world-class service and assistance in every phase of the purchase.

Nance Romer is Diamond's Retailer Services Director. Through Retailer Services, Nance oversees Diamond's ongoing commitment to assist current comic shop and retail customers and help them grow their businesses. Through Inside Sales, Nance's team can present new and overlooked sales opportunities to Diamond's customer base while they are calling about their account, in order to help retailers discover new items and increase the sales of vendor products.

Mike Schimmel is Diamond's Executive Sales Director charged with exploring new relationships with markets outside of Diamond's traditional retail base. With his team of Outside Sales and New Account Representatives, he looks for ways to expand the profit potential of vendors' products through new audiences and retail outlets.

Kuo-Yu Liang is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Diamond Book Distributors, a Diamond subdivision that focuses on selling graphic novels and othe products to the bookstore market. He has been associated with books and pop-culture entertainment since he was a kid growing up in Taiwan reading manga and watching anime. Over the course of his career, he has been a bookstore buyer and headed up a sales force selling computer games. Prior to joining Diamond, Kuo-Yu spent 13 years with Random House publishing serving many management capacities, including Associate Publisher, Director of Marketing, and Director of Licensing.



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