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Vendor Services: Your Guide to Growing Your Business with Diamond

When you become a Diamond vendor, you will gain access to our Vendor Services Area where Diamond provides sales reports and statistics on your products, upload tools, our Diamond Daily news site and other online tools that will help guide and grow your business with Diamond.

Among the many features our Vendor Tools area includes are:

  • Item Look-Up: You can look up any of your currently active items in Diamond's system and retrieve the Diamond Item Code. Using this code in publications and notices makes it easy for consumers to ask retailers for your products and makes it easy for retailers to order your products from Diamond! You'll also be able to view your product information that's presented to retailers on this screen. 
  • Inventory Management: Purchase Order Data, On Order & On Hand Reports
  • Sales Analysis: Sales by month/year, Sales by item, Sales Projections
  • PREVIEWS Prevue Uploads: Upload a preview of your comic or graphic novel, or even a short video of your merchandise item.
  • Key Information: Download key due dates, Diamond Routing and Shipping Guidelines, Ad Rate Cards and more

To gain access to the Vendor Services Area, you must have a Diamond Vendor Number, and a valid Login Name and Password. Vendors who would like access to the Vendor Services Area should fill out the Vendor Online Services Agreement to obtain a Login Name and Password.

For questions or more information, contact us.



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