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Marketing Service Rates

Market Research

Our Marketing Research staff can provide you with valuable, detailed information about the sales potential for your product among retailers and their customers. Best of all, our programs are flexible enough to be tailored to your specific needs!

Our basic services include:

  • Report Preparation: $50/hour*
  • Survey Writing, Design & Consulting: $35/hour*
  • Tele-Polling: $40/hour*
  • Customized Programming: $100/hour*

In addition to these basic services, Diamond also offers the following Marketing & Promotional Tool Packages:

Customized Order Analysis

When you receive a purchase order from Diamond, you get a good idea of how many of your products we sold. However, we can also help you analyze your numbers to obtain more specific information, such as:

  • Market Penetration – We can tell you, by account size, how many of our 4,000+ specialty market retailers ordered your product.
  • Geography – We can widen the scope of our analysis to report and compare orders for your product by country, state, or metropolitan area.
  • Product Comparison – If you’re distributing multiple products through Diamond, and you want to see how orders for one compare to orders for another, we can tell you how many of our retailers are ordering each of your products.
  • Your Custom Criteria – We have the flexibility to examine your orders according to any specifications you require!

(Sample reports are available upon request.)


Whether you’re creating a new product or improving an existing one, you need to determine from the outset exactly what retailers and/or consumers want. Diamond can create surveys and questionnaires that will tell you what’s on their minds, and can help you with every step of the process – from consultation and design, to delivery, data entry, and analysis!

(Please inquire for rates)

E-mail Queries

For immediate feedback from our customers, we have a variety of email options:

  • Diamond Daily ­ Your message will be included in our daily email to over 3,000 retailers. ($250*)
  • Stand-Alone - Your message will be sent as a stand-alone email to over 3,000 retailers. ($500*)
  • Targeted ­ Your message will be sent as a stand-alone email to a subset of retailers. ($0.50* per email address;$100* minimum charge)

Sell-Through Reports

Once your product ships, you’ll want to know how it’s performing in the marketplace. Using data volunteered by our retailers, we can give you an accurate picture of your product’s sales, and whether you’ll need to make more to meet demand!

$250 per title
(plus incentive for participating retailers.)

*Actual costs may vary depending on your specific research requirements.

Targeted Messaging

If you want to reach retailers within certain demographics, Diamond can direct your message to customers who meet your specifications. Then, we can prepare and/or distribute promotional material – such as sell sheets, product samples, point-of-purchase materials, and more – via mail, e-mail, and other effective methods!

In addition to comic shops, we can also provide you with lists of other specialty retailers (video stores, music stores, etc.) that may be interested in your product. Please contact your Brand Manager for more details.

Invoice Message (up to 60 characters)

We can alert retailers to your product with messages printed on the invoicing they receive each week from their Diamond Distribution Center.



Reorder Confirmation Message

Each week, more than 1,500 Diamond retailers receive confirmation of their reorders via fax and e-mail. We can include your timely sales message on these confirmations.



Cost..........$20/hour for collation, +20% for postage

Distribution with Shipments

We can distribute your promotional materials with our customers’ weekly product shipments.

  • Fliers or posters, 8-1/2” x 11” or smaller $0.20 each,
  • Envelopes/Bundles, 8-1/2” x 11” or smaller $1.00 each,
  • Other sizes & prices vary.

Please Note: An additional charge of $50 per hour for Market Research time will be added to the rates shown above.

Coupon Redemption

Diamond can design coupons according to your specifications for inclusion in Diamond publications – and/or other methods of distribution – and can process redeemed coupons on your behalf.

Cost..........Please Inquire

Retailer Support Programs

After Diamond has distributed your product to our customers, we maintain a wide array of programs designed to help retailers sell your product. By participating in these programs, you can express your company’s commitment to the retailers who sell your product, and increase your sales!

Overship Program

Get more product into the marketplace with our “no-risk” Overship Program, which lets retailers sign up to receive additional quantities of your product to sell in their stores for a specified period. Then, they can return any unsold quantities at no cost. By helping our customers increase their profits while reducing their risk, you’ll build retailer confidence in your company and ensure that your product is being seen by consumers!

(Contact your Brand Manager for rates and details.)

Comic Shop Locator Service

Diamond maintains the website, to help consumers find comic book specialty shops in their area. The online site can be used to promote your new releases with online ads.

If you want to help promote the Service in your comic book, on your packaging, or as part of your outside advertising, we’re happy to provide you with graphics of the Comic Shop Locator Service logo.

You can download a jpeg version or eps version for your use.

(Contact your Brand Manager for more details.)

In-Store Events

Diamond can help you increase consumer awareness of your product by arranging in-store creator signings and/or product demonstrations with interested retailers, as well as provide quantities of your product for signing during the appearance.

One way we do this is through our Creator Clearinghouse program. This “matchmaking” service for helping suppliers and independent creators arrange in-store promotional appearances with retailers can help you promote your product directly to consumers.

We can also arrange to provide host retailers with quantities of your product for your creator to sign during the appearance. Just provide us with your creators’ requirements for transportation, lodging, and other items and we’ll do the rest!

Please Note: Product for in-store/Creator Clearinghouse appearances is often provided to retailers on a returnable basis.

Cost: $40/hour to recruit retailers


Diamond’s publications regularly invite retailers and consumers alike to participate in contests for valuable collectibles, backlist best-sellers, and other prizes. You, too, can be a winner by working with us in the promotion, administration, and fulfillment of a contest in PREVIEWS or Diamond Daily!

Cost: Please Inquire

Comics for Causes

Upon request, Diamond provides retailers with “G-rated” comics and premium items at no charge for donations to libraries, schools, or other worthy organizations, or for special events (such as outreach programs or charity auctions) that ultimately benefit charitable or non-profit groups. By contributing your backstock to our outreach campaign, you can make a positive impression for your company while helping our customers make a positive impression in their communities!

Cost: Free

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event designed to promote comic books specialty shops. Contact your Brand Manager for information on participation requirements and sponsorship levels if you are interested. For more information on Free Comic Book Day, see the Free Comic Book Day website.

Online Ad Opportunities

Diamond offers a variety of online and email advertising opportunities to connect with key retail decision makers and your consumer buying public.

Please ask your Brand Manager for details.

Miscellaneous Services

Diamond offers a multitude of other creative and effective ways to inform retailers and consumers about your products.

Star System Backlist Promotion Sponsorship

Every month, we offer retailers special bargain prices and/or promotional incentives in conjunction with our Star System Backlist Service. You can promote your company’s backlist by providing inventory and attractive premium items, such as signed editions of a popular book.

Cost ..........Contact your Purchasing Brand Manager for details.

Consumer Database

Diamond currently maintains an email list of over 10,000 consumers of comic books and related products, all of which are available for rental.

Cost..........Contact your Purchasing Brand Manager  for details.

Distribution Center Displays

Place your point-of-purchase items (e.g., posters or displays) and/or new releases in our Distribution Centers and be seen by hundreds of our customers every week.

Cost..........Contact your Purchasing Brand Manager for details.

Diamond Copywriting & Design Services

If you have a special promotional project in mind, Diamond can write, design, and produce it according to your specifications!


Special Events/Trade Shows/Summits

Every year, Diamond representatives travel to shows and events around the world to personally interact with retailers, vendors and consumers. We can also use these appearances to promote your products at our booth by providing display space, distributing promotional materials, and even establishing meeting areas where your representatives can talk to other professionals in a comfortable, business-like atmosphere.

Promotional opportunities available at the Diamond booth include:

Booth Product Displays

Rack facings are available for displaying your products or unique point-of-sale purchase displays. Glass cube displays for toys, statues, and other collectibles are available at some shows. We also encourage you to provide posters, retailer signs, product prototypes, or other items to maximize your product’s visibility.

  • Product Display..........$50/facing
  • Point-of-Purchase Display..........$100/facing
  • Glass Cube..........$250 ea. where available

(Contact your Purchasing Brand Manager or Diamond’s Trade Show Coordinator for details.)

Show Specials

We can create an order form/list of your products with which retailers can place orders at the Diamond booth during the show!

Cost..........Contact your Purchasing Brand Manager or Diamond’s Trade Show Coordinator for details.

Promotional Material Distribution

We can hand out promotional material for consumers and retailers (e.g., ashcan editions, previews, posters, flyers, sell sheets, etc.) who visit our booth.

  • Fliers or posters, 8-1/2” x 11” or smaller..........$0.20 each
  • Envelopes, 8-1/2” x 11” or smaller..........$1.00 each
  • Other sizes & prices vary.


Sponsor a contest or auction whose proceeds benefit such charitable industry organizations as the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Pro Literacy, or the Hero Initiative!

Cost..........$250 + donated item

Booth Signing

You provide the creator(s); we provide promotion and appearance space at our booth, as well as one product facing.

Cost..........Contact your Purchasing Brand Manager or Diamond’s Trade Show Coordinator for details.

Bag Program

We will distribute promotional literature for, and samples of, your product in giveaway bags for trade show and convention attendees. You can sign up for individual shows throughout the year, or – for maximum impact – for the entire trade show season!

Cost..........Contact your Purchasing Brand Manager or Diamond’s Trade Show Coordinator for details.

Frankfurt International Book Fair

You can display your product as part of our North American Comics Exhibit, which showcases North American publishers and manufacturers to distributors and suppliers from around the world seeking to negotiate international licensing rights.

Cost..........Varies; Contact your Purchasing Brand Manager or Diamond’s Trade Show Coordinator for details.

Diamond-Alliance Retailer Summits

Our annual retailer event is held in different cities for the benefit of our customers. Depending on your desired level of participation, sponsorship can include presentation time, exhibit room booth space, and premium/promo distribution.

Cost..........Contact your Purchasing Brand Manager or Diamond’s Trade Show Coordinator for details.


To ensure that your product receives maximum exposure among as many retailers as possible, Diamond maintains a highly trained staff of Customer Service and Sales Representatives who keep our retailers aware of products with high sales potential – like yours!


Our Inside Sales Reps will point out the sales-building benefits of your product to prospective retail customers.

Cost..........$35/hour per Sales Rep

Customer Service Suggestive Selling

Our team of 50 Customer Service Reps log an average of 10,000+ calls a week to and from retailers around the world, and will showcase your product as a “Featured Item of the Week” to as many customers as possible.


In-Store Sales Calls

Each of Diamond’s Sales Force of Field Representatives visits approximately 100 of our largest retail customers each month. During those visits, our Field Reps will: promote, and take Advance Reorders for, your future releases; inventory, and take Reorders for, your current releases and backlist items; survey retailers about your product; and more. It’s a highly effective way to promote your product with a personal touch!

Cost..........$2.00 per item per retailer



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