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Advertising Guidelines

Artwork Format Guidelines

  • All advertisements must be supplied as computer files.
  • Acceptable platforms: Macintosh or PC
  • Acceptable programs: Quark Xpress, Pagemaker, Illustrator, or PhotoShop
  • Acceptable media: Zip disk, Jaz disk, floppy disk, or CD
  • Provide a b&w or color printout of the file. For color ads, we recommend that you supply a color printout (laser copy, rainbow proof, etc). We will accept b&w printouts as a proof for color ads, but it makes it difficult for us to gauge color accuracy.
  • All artwork and all fonts used to create the document must be included.
  • Note: For black backgrounds or type, add 40% cyan to 100% black to get a truer black.
  • Ads supplied as film or in any other non-electronic format will be subject to a $75 surcharge.

This applies ONLY to artwork being sent for inclusion in Diamond Publications. Advertisements should be sent according to the advertising format guidelines listed below.)


  • Hard Copy: Clean black and white or color photocopies, laser prints, or match prints for scanning. (Please keep artwork within an 8.5” x 11” area to accommodate our scanners.)
  • Computer Files: Illustrator or PhotoShop image saved as an EPS or Tiff file. The resolution should be 300 dpi, and the size should not exceed 2” x 3”. NOTE: As a general rule, we do not accept QuarkXPress EPS files. If that is your only option, please include all artwork and all fonts used in the original Quark document.
  • Photographs: Slides, transparencies, or photographs.

Electronic Files

  • Internet: Please e-mail artwork to When sending artwork via America Online, please be sure to encode the file with BinHex (found in AOL’s software libraries), and to send one file per e-mail.
  • Electronic Media: We can accept artwork on the following forms of electronic media: Floppy Disk (3.5”), Zip Disk, or CD-ROM. NOTE: We cannot accept artwork saved to syquest disk, optical disk or DAT tape.



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