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Advertising Guidelines

General Advertising Information

  • All ads must be turned in to Diamond by the agreed upon Due Date. No exceptions will be made. Ads booked but not received by the Due Date will be billed at 100% of stated rates.

  • All advertising orders are accepted subject to the terms and provisions printed on the current rate card. Diamond Comic Distributors (DCD) reserves the right to omit or decline advertising, or suspend advertising privileges, for any reason, irrespective of the validity of the reasons for such omission, declination or suspension of advertising privileges.

  • All advertising is subject to DCD’s approval. DCD reserves the right to edit advertising copy, artwork and format to conform with standard advertising policies. Advertisements and promotional materials should not include any attempt to sell direct to retailers or consumers.

  • Diamond reserves the right to reject any ad due to editorial content. All ads for Previews must be “PG Rated” - suitable for all ages. Ads for Adult Material cannot be run in Previews. If you feel that there may be a problem with the content of your ad, please send a copy to with a note explaining your concern.

  • All ad pages and inserts must be reserved in advance. Please see Monthly Advertising Deadlines for Ad Reservation and Materials Due Dates. Ads are subject to pre-approval and space availability.

  • Additional discounts are available for repeat advertisers (Applicable to interior ads only.) The total discount will be credited toward your last ad(s) of the year.

  • For first time advertisers, Ad Payment must be received when you send in your ad materials. Diamond accepts checks, credit card, and wire transfers. All checks should be made payable to Diamond Comic Distributors.

  • Advertisers will receive a proof of performance copy of all publications in which their ad appears.

  • Layout services may be available for an additional charge.



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