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Marketing & Promotion


To ensure that your product receives maximum exposure among as many retailers as possible, Diamond maintains a highly trained staff of Customer Service and Sales Representatives who keep our retailers aware of products with high sales potential – like yours!


Our Inside Sales Reps will point out the sales-building benefits of your product to prospective retail customers.

Cost..........$35/hour per Sales Rep

Customer Service Suggestive Selling

Our team of 50 Customer Service Reps log an average of 10,000+ calls a week to and from retailers around the world, and will showcase your product as a “Featured Item of the Week” to as many customers as possible.


In-Store Sales Calls

Each of Diamond’s Sales Force of Field Representatives visits approximately 100 of our largest retail customers each month. During those visits, our Field Reps will: promote, and take Advance Reorders for, your future releases; inventory, and take Reorders for, your current releases and backlist items; survey retailers about your product; and more. It’s a highly effective way to promote your product with a personal touch!

Cost..........$2.00 per item per retailer



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