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Marketing & Promotion

Miscellaneous Services

Diamond offers a multitude of other creative and effective ways to inform retailers and consumers about your products.

Star System Backlist Promotion Sponsorship

Every month, we offer retailers special bargain prices and/or promotional incentives in conjunction with our Star System Backlist Service. You can promote your company’s backlist by providing inventory and attractive premium items, such as signed editions of a popular book.

Cost ..........Contact your Purchasing Brand Manager for details.

Consumer Database

Diamond currently maintains an email list of over 10,000 consumers of comic books and related products, all of which are available for rental.

Cost..........Contact your Purchasing Brand Manager  for details.

Distribution Center Displays

Place your point-of-purchase items (e.g., posters or displays) and/or new releases in our Distribution Centers and be seen by hundreds of our customers every week.

Cost..........Contact your Purchasing Brand Manager for details.

Diamond Copywriting & Design Services

If you have a special promotional project in mind, Diamond can write, design, and produce it according to your specifications!




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