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Marketing & Promotion

Retailer Support Programs

After Diamond has distributed your product to our customers, we maintain a wide array of programs designed to help retailers sell your product. By participating in these programs, you can express your company’s commitment to the retailers who sell your product, and increase your sales!

Overship Program

Get more product into the marketplace with our “no-risk” Overship Program, which lets retailers sign up to receive additional quantities of your product to sell in their stores for a specified period. Then, they can return any unsold quantities at no cost. By helping our customers increase their profits while reducing their risk, you’ll build retailer confidence in your company and ensure that your product is being seen by consumers!

(Contact your Brand Manager for rates and details.)

Comic Shop Locator Service

Diamond maintains the website, to help consumers find comic book specialty shops in their area. The online site can be used to promote your new releases with online ads.

If you want to help promote the Service in your comic book, on your packaging, or as part of your outside advertising, we’re happy to provide you with graphics of the Comic Shop Locator Service logo.

You can download a jpeg version or eps version for your use.

(Contact your Brand Manager for more details.)

In-Store Events

Diamond can help you increase consumer awareness of your product by arranging in-store creator signings and/or product demonstrations with interested retailers, as well as provide quantities of your product for signing during the appearance.

One way we do this is through our Creator Clearinghouse program. This “matchmaking” service for helping suppliers and independent creators arrange in-store promotional appearances with retailers can help you promote your product directly to consumers.

We can also arrange to provide host retailers with quantities of your product for your creator to sign during the appearance. Just provide us with your creators’ requirements for transportation, lodging, and other items and we’ll do the rest!

Please Note: Product for in-store/Creator Clearinghouse appearances is often provided to retailers on a returnable basis.

Cost: $40/hour to recruit retailers


Diamond’s publications regularly invite retailers and consumers alike to participate in contests for valuable collectibles, backlist best-sellers, and other prizes. You, too, can be a winner by working with us in the promotion, administration, and fulfillment of a contest in PREVIEWS or Diamond Daily!

Cost: Please Inquire

Comics for Causes

Upon request, Diamond provides retailers with “G-rated” comics and premium items at no charge for donations to libraries, schools, or other worthy organizations, or for special events (such as outreach programs or charity auctions) that ultimately benefit charitable or non-profit groups. By contributing your backstock to our outreach campaign, you can make a positive impression for your company while helping our customers make a positive impression in their communities!

Cost: Free

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event designed to promote comic books specialty shops. Contact your Brand Manager for information on participation requirements and sponsorship levels if you are interested. For more information on Free Comic Book Day, see the Free Comic Book Day website.



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