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Marketing & Promotion

Market Research

Our Marketing Research staff can provide you with valuable, detailed information about the sales potential for your product among retailers and their customers. Best of all, our programs are flexible enough to be tailored to your specific needs!

Our basic services include:

  • Report Preparation: $50/hour*
  • Survey Writing, Design & Consulting: $35/hour*
  • Tele-Polling: $40/hour*
  • Customized Programming: $100/hour*

In addition to these basic services, Diamond also offers the following Marketing & Promotional Tool Packages:

Customized Order Analysis

When you receive a purchase order from Diamond, you get a good idea of how many of your products we sold. However, we can also help you analyze your numbers to obtain more specific information, such as:

  • Market Penetration – We can tell you, by account size, how many of our 4,000+ specialty market retailers ordered your product.
  • Geography – We can widen the scope of our analysis to report and compare orders for your product by country, state, or metropolitan area.
  • Product Comparison – If you’re distributing multiple products through Diamond, and you want to see how orders for one compare to orders for another, we can tell you how many of our retailers are ordering each of your products.
  • Your Custom Criteria – We have the flexibility to examine your orders according to any specifications you require!

(Sample reports are available upon request.)


Whether you’re creating a new product or improving an existing one, you need to determine from the outset exactly what retailers and/or consumers want. Diamond can create surveys and questionnaires that will tell you what’s on their minds, and can help you with every step of the process – from consultation and design, to delivery, data entry, and analysis!

(Please inquire for rates)

E-mail Queries

For immediate feedback from our customers, we have a variety of email options:

  • Diamond Daily ­ Your message will be included in our daily email to over 3,000 retailers. ($250*)
  • Stand-Alone - Your message will be sent as a stand-alone email to over 3,000 retailers. ($500*)
  • Targeted ­ Your message will be sent as a stand-alone email to a subset of retailers. ($0.50* per email address;$100* minimum charge)

Sell-Through Reports

Once your product ships, you’ll want to know how it’s performing in the marketplace. Using data volunteered by our retailers, we can give you an accurate picture of your product’s sales, and whether you’ll need to make more to meet demand!

$250 per title
(plus incentive for participating retailers.)

*Actual costs may vary depending on your specific research requirements.



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