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Getting Started

Your Proposed Terms of Sale

Because we price our products to our customers up front, we need to know, at the time of solicitation, what our cost will be. Therefore, your proposed terms should include the following information:


If you publish comics, Diamond generally receives a discount in the range of 60%-70% off of the US retail (cover) price. Non-comics product discounts vary.

Payment terms.

Please provide Diamond with a copy of your discount schedule or net cost list for your products. Standard payment procedures are Net 30, and Diamond is willing to take advantage of any early pay discounts of 2% or greater. (Under no circumstances will Diamond prepay for any product.) Customarily, Diamond will pay for your products 30 days after we receive them. (Ask your Diamond Brand Manager about our Early Payment Incentive.)

Minimums and increments.

Please let us know if your company or your printer is only willing to ship a minimum quantity at any one time to any one place, or if there is an increment (multiple) that we will need to adhere to. This will enable us to structure our Purchase Orders to meet your requirements.

Shipping responsibility.

Shipping charges to our Distribution Centers traditionally are paid by the supplier. In exchange for picking up and distributing your product to our Distribution Centers, Diamond will negotiate a freight rebate with you (typically an additional 2% off of the retail price of the product.) Talk with your Diamond Brand Manager about the most efficient shipping arrangements for your product and location. Also, see the current list of Distribution Centers and Dropship Locations.

See a copy of the text of Diamond's routing letter, with information on sending product to Diamond.



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