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Diamond Comic Distributors is the world's largest distributor of English-language comic books, graphic novels and related pop-culture merchandise. We are also the exclusive distributor to the comic book specialty market for Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Marvel Comics, and many others.

In recent years, characters from comics and other icons from the worlds of sports, science fiction, and pop-culture have become the source of hundreds of successful tie-in products, such as magazines, books, trading cards, games, videos, apparel, toys, models, posters, prints, and other merchandise. To maintain those ties, Diamond makes a wide range of distribution, sales, promotions, and marketing services available to non-comics suppliers, working closely with them to ensure that their products thrive in the lucrative comic book specialty market.

With three Distribution Centers, 13 drop-ship points (local pick-up points for our accounts) in North America, and a facility in the United Kingdom, Diamond deals with over 1,000 suppliers, buying and selling over 3,500 new items each month, on a non-returnable basis, to over 4,000 comic book shops and specialty retailers worldwide.

Please read the content on this site carefully

It includes several useful tools for comics publishers and other suppliers, including guidelines for creating a submissions package, insights into the comic book specialty market, promotional ideas, and an introduction to many of Diamond’s services and policies.

After reviewing this information, we are confident that you will be satisfied with the multi-faceted distribution, promotion, and marketing opportunities we can offer you.



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